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Formerly known as Bastrop County Animal Shelter Helpers, we’ve changed our charity’s name to Shelter Pet Safety Net.  Everything else is exactly the same! We have the same mission, strategy, programs, and leadership.

We fund emergency medical care for sick and injured animals admitted to the Bastrop County Animal Shelter.

We help homeless dogs and cats in Bastrop County, Texas by reducing the need for sheltering,  aiding the animals in the county shelter, and helping sheltered animals get adopted.

Shelter Animals Received Medical Funding

Unwanted Pets Prevented by SPSN

Shelter Resources Funded by SPSN

Homeless Animals Rescued by SPSN

Foster and Pet Owner Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shelter Pet Safety Net the same charity as Bastrop County Animal Shelter Helpers?

Yes. We changed our name, but everything else is the same.

Can you help with my pet's medical expenses?

Unfortunately, we do not have funding to assist pet owners with pet medical expenses – we can only assist with spay/neuter surgery cost.  There are many options for getting your pet vaccinated at low cost in Bastrop County, see our link here.   Many veterinarians offer credit to help pet owners pay for medical expenses. There is also a lot of variation in medical costs at different medical practices. SPSN often sends animals to Fayette County Veterinary Clinic for good care at lower cost.

Read how the Shelter Pet Safety Net charity is helping and giving back in our community News:

Thank you – November Giving!

We want to thank everyone who gave to our appeals in November, including Giving Tuesday. We were able to raise over $2400 for the animals. In case you missed it, here is a link to a short video about our progress, to show you what we do with the donations.

Come see us at the Bastrop Artisan Farmer’s Market SATURDAY DEC 4

  SPSN will have a booth at the Bastrop Artisan Farmer’s Market from 10-2 on December 4th! Not only can you come to the Farmer’s Market for fresh food and gifts, you can stop by our booth for a great photo with our 2D reindeer.  Do you need a new furry family...

It’s giving season and this year

It’s giving season and this year, and we’re kicking off some fun fundraisers to spread the thankfulness over the month of November.  We have a $5000 matching fund challenge for our November fundraising and would love your support to help us meet that goal! Once again,...

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