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Another tripod kitten

Another tripod kitten, Sylvester, had surgery paid for by SPSN and is now in his forever home.  Take a look at this video of him recuperating in his foster home.  Are three legs more adorable than four? You be the judge!

Foster homes are essential for shelter animals 

Foster homes are essential for shelter animals recuperating from surgeries.  SPSN paid for entropion surgery to fix Mason’s eye.  Here he is relaxing in his foster home.  If you’d like to help foster shelter animals, contact the shelter today about volunteering.


TRIPOD KITTENS!  Sometimes these curious little rascals get into unfortunate situations as youngsters, and as a result end up with legs that are so badly damaged they need amputation.  We’ve helped pay for surgery for several of these this year.  Luckily, kittens...

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Pups exploring the new fun items in their upgraded play yard, sponsored by SPSN and @neighbors_tx! Don't worry, they are supervised. We'll be refreshing the play yard items from time to time since part of the fun for any young dog is exploring how their new teeth work on their environment 🐶 ... See MoreSee Less
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Staying cool in the pool of the new play yard sponsored by SPSN and Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard ... See MoreSee Less
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The remodeled play yard sponsored by SPSN and Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard is outfitted with a sun shade, pavers, a pool, and a splash pad for outdoor water fun in the summer. With no air conditioning in the kennels, this gives the pups a chance to cool down and have fun too. ... See MoreSee Less
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Ahead of our play yard upgrades, we got some tough Jolly Ball toys for the dogs to chase around. Stay tuned for more of the new play yard amenities. Thank you to Neighbor's Kitchen & Yard for co-sponsoring the play yard with SPSN! ... See MoreSee Less
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Shelter Pet Safety Net joined up with @Neighbors_Tx to upgrade one of the play yards at the shelter. We wanted to provide a less-muddy environment, shade, and enrichment for the dogs. This week we'll show you some of the improvements and how happy the dogs are to use them. But first...some "before" and "during" photos. Thanks to SPSN Board Member Terry Gummelt for her work in procuring materials, and coordinating their installation with the shelter! ... See MoreSee Less
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