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Bastrop County Animal Shelter

  • Your county shelter is a great place to adopt! We support the shelter animals. 
  • For shelter adoption or volunteering inquiries, call 512-549-5160. 
  • Many of their adoptable animals are shown here; or you can stop by and see them in person at 589 Cool Water Dr,  Bastrop, TX 78602.
  • The shelter also operates a low-cost wellness clinic for county pets! 

Other Adoption Resources

Adoption Opportunities Across the U.S.

What to Expect When Adopting a Pet

Help!  I’ve lost my pet!

Lost Pet?

    • Report the lost pet to the Bastrop County Animal Shelter and stop by the shelter to check for the pet every few days.
    • Join the Facebook Group for “Bastrop County Lost and Found Pets” and post your lost pet information there.
    • Post your lost pet information on other social media outlets such as NextDoor and Craigslist.
    • Report your lost pet using helpful apps such as Pawboost and Finding Rover.
    • Put signs up at the six busiest intersections near your house (don’t forget to take them down when you find your pet)
    • Ask your local veterinarians’ offices to post your lost pet information.
    • Stray Cats/Kittens: Information on Trap/Neuter/Return Programs
    • Watch these informative videos, courtesy of the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento.

Help!  I’ve found an animal!

Found Animal?

    • You can place a notice at the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, on the Facebook Group “Bastrop Lost and Found Pets”, on the website, and on the website, at no charge. We suggest placing flyers around the area where the animal was found, as they may not have wandered far from home.
    • Stray dog or cat (friendly): If you can capture the animal, you can take it to the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, where it will be scanned for a microchip to identify the owner. Before you do that, keep an eye out for “Lost Pet” advertisements online or in your neighborhood. You can also ask a local veterinarian to scan the animal for a microchip.
    • Stray dog or cat (potentially dangerous): call county Animal Control.
    • Community or feral cat: Bastrop C.A.T.S. may be able to help with spay/neuter
    • Wildlife: contact Austin Wildlife Rescue. They have an intake center in Elgin.
    • Livestock: phone the Sheriff’s office.

      Neonatal Care

      Neonatal Care Resources

      Pet food for owners in financial need

      If you are in need of dog or cat food, the shelter has a community pet food pantry and can sometimes offer help, if they have adequate food donations in the pantry. You can phone them at 512-549-5160 or stop by during opening hours.    

      Food that is donated to SPSN is either given to foster parents for the shelter animals, or delivered to the shelter for their needs and the community pantry.


      Medical Care

      If your pet needs vaccinations, there are many low-cost options in Bastrop County.  Vaccinations are critical for pets who go outdoors!  SPSN cannot fund medical care for pets with owners, other than spay/neuter.  Here are some low-cost options for pet wellness care in the county: 

        The clinics above are for well pets. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, you need to visit with a veterinarian.  A low-cost online option is available through WhiskerDocs.  WhiskerDocs has a 24/7 veterinarian help line with help available by phone, chat, or email, at a low cost.  You can get one-time help or a subscription for month-to-month or annual unlimited access. 

        This site also offers a helpful list of toxic foods, plants, and medications with symptoms you might see if your pet has ingested them.  There is also a free pet care library.  

        If your pet is seriously ill, please contact a veterinarian immediately.  Your pet is depending on you.  Talk to your veterinarian about payment plans if cost is an issue. You can also check costs at different veterinary offices, as they can vary a lot.   If you are having trouble finding care in Bastrop County, take a look outside the county where there are some good veterinary clinics with reasonable costs, for example Fayette County Veterinary Clinic.

        Unfortunately, SPSN is unable to fund veterinary care for pets not in the custody of the Bastrop County Animal Shelter or our own foster homes.  We can only help with spay/neuter surgery for owned pets.

        Dog Training & Containing

        SPSN wants to keep dogs out of the shelter and in good homes. Two of the biggest reasons dogs end up in shelters? They don’t get enough training, and they get loose. Make sure your dog is trained and contained

        Dog Containment Solutions, video courtesy of Ipswitch City Council

        Don’t forget a collar & microchip!

        It is illegal to chain up a dog outdoors. 

        Below is information on the law that you can use to educate dog owners.  Call the sheriff or animal control to help a chained dog.

        Texas Law:

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