Spay / Neuter

Keeping unwanted litters out of the shelter, thanks to our generous donors.

Lower Cost Surgery Providers

Need Help Paying for Spay/Neuter

About our Spay/Neuter Program

Lower Cost Surgery Providers

Bastrop County and Adjacent Counties

Community Cat?

If you have a feral or “community”cat, contact our friends at BASTROP C.A.T.S Anonymous TNR Society

These organizations are non-profits and book up fast due to demand.

Contact them ASAP to get an appointment or join the wait list.

Save An Angel


Emancipet Mobile Clinic


Outside Bastrop County

Fayette County Animal Clinic can help with more difficult cases that other providers may not accept.

Pet & Bird Clinic, 2 locations in Austin.

Need Help Paying for Spay/Neuter

Low Income Pet Owners

Multi-Pet Households

We pay most or all of the cost for your pet’s surgery if you qualify for our Certificate program.  Pet owners must have a Bastrop County address.

Surgery is performed by one of our local partners.

This program is intended for individuals in financial need who cannot afford surgery otherwise.

While funds last – we subsidize some of the surgery cost when multiple pets from the same household are spayed or neutered.  No application is required!

Our multi-pet special is available through the clinic run by our partner, Save An Angel. Contact them directly to make an appointment and mention our special.


About our Spay / Neuter Program

How Does the Spay/Neuter Certificate Program Work? 

    • Apply Online
    • You’ll get an email instructing you to make an appointment for surgery. 
    • You choose one of our discount surgery providers, and tell us your appointment day.
    • We’ll grant the surgery certificate then. 
    • Make a small donation to us, if you can.
    • Follow the instructions from the surgery provider to get surgery for your pet.
    • We pay the bill for surgery (if you want other services, you will pay for those). 
    • Send us a cute photo of your pet and tell us how your pet is doing after surgery. 

About our Program: Spread the Word!

The most impactful action we can take to address the suffering of homeless animals is to stop unwanted animals from being born.

For low-income residents, our certificate program pays for all or most of the cost of surgery. An online application is required, and the surgery is performed by a local lower-cost veterinarian. We even have veterinary partners willing to help with higher-risk surgery candidates that discount providers can’t handle.

Helping people get their pets spayed or neutered is one of our strategic objectives. Our generous donors enable us to fund this program and reduce the number of animals needing sheltering in Bastrop County.

Make an impact on the homeless animal overpopulation problem with your donation today.

Help us spread the word in print and social media!!

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