Collars & Microchips

COLLARS & MICROCHIPS, the “Belt and Suspenders” of recovering your lost pet! The shelter receives so many animals who are lost pets.  They’d love to return those pets to their homes ASAP so they can get back to helping those with no home to go to.  Every dog or cat should have a collar with a tag bearing the owner’s contact information.   Since collars can be lost or broken, get your pet a microchip as well.

 Every veterinarian provides microchips, and you can also get them at the Mary E. Barina Wellness Clinic at the shelter.  Microchips are smaller than a grain of rice and sit just under your pet’s skin.   Any veterinarian, and the shelter, can scan an animal for microchip information.  You can update your phone and address information associated with the chip online.  When a chip is found, the shelter attempts to contact the owner right away.  They have some amazing stories of pets being happily reunited with their owners after months or years!