By the end of July, 2021, Shelter Pet Safety Net had already funded help for as many shelter animals as we did in all of 2020.

We are unique in that our charity can respond very quickly to approve funding for emergency situations encountered by shelter personnel. These often start with a veterinarian visit offsite to get diagnostic x-rays and/or blood work. We are active in locating vet clinics that can fit the animal into their schedules. Sometimes this initial visit is all that is needed, and sometimes it reveals the need for surgery or more sophisticated diagnostics.  We often fund these as well. 

All the animals for whom emergency medical care is provided are shelter animals that have been given an initial evaluation of health and adoptability by shelter personnel, who contact us to recommend them for medical assistance.  Unfortunately, we don’t have funding to assist pets outside the shelter.

Your donations to SPSN give adoptable animals that second chance when they arrive at the shelter sick or injured.