Happy Groundhog Day - Let's Break The Cycle


Happy Groundhog Day!  In the classic movie, Bill Murray relives the same day again and again.  We at SPSN would like to break out of a cycle, too, the cycle of PET OVERPOPULATION.  And that means getting those dogs and cats fixed, and doing it early.  They can have a first litter when only six months old, and be grandparents before they are two years old.  

Just recently one of our SPSN board members adopted 3 outdoor cats who were three generations of one cat family, and grandma was already pregnant again.  Needless to say they are all spayed and neutered now, but those three cats could have been 9 cats or more in just a month or so. 

If you know someone who needs financial assistance to afford spay/neuter surgery for their pets, please refer them to this page where we offer help!