How Often Should I Clean My Dog's Ears?

Any dog can get an ear infection, and if you have a pup with floppy ears, ear cleaning is a task you should learn – they are more likely to develop an infection.   Other dogs can also develop ear problems, but the air circulation of stand-up ears (on dogs like chihuahuas, shepherds and huskies) helps diminish the moist, warm breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.  Dogs who swim can get infections.

Ear infections in dogs are painful, just like in humans.  Be alert for signs of ear problems, such as:

    • Scratching the ears
    • Flapping the ears
    • Head shaking
    • Whining
    • Suddenly becoming resistant to ear cleaning, when previously cooperative

You can purchase ear cleaning solutions at pet stores or from your veterinarian.   Here are tips from Chewy on how to clean ears:

So – how often to clean the ears?  Check them at least once per month.  Some dogs may need ear cleaning several days a week, others only a few times per year.  It depends on many factors and some dogs are very susceptible to infection. It is possible to clean a dog’s ears too often! Consult your vet when you take your dog in for an exam.