Is My Dog Stressed?

A lot of animals end up in shelters due to behavior issues.  Behavior problems can start when the animal is stressed and doesn’t know how to make the stress stop.  There are several signs our dogs exhibit to reveal they are stressed.  If you find your dog exhibiting one or more of these signs, read on to see how to help your stressed dog.

    • Signs of Stress in Dogs:
    • Whining or barking
    • Excessive yawning, drooling or licking
    • Excessive shedding
    • Pacing or shaking
    • Panting when not exercising 
    • Change in ears  or eyes- ears are pinned back; eyes showing more sclera (white) than usual
    • Body Posture- dog transfer weight to hind legs or cowers; tucks tail & becomes rigid
    • Refusal of food
    • Hiding or Escape Behavior- hides behind owner/handler, a tree or other objects.  Dog may participate in digging or circling.
    • Displacement or Avoidance Behavior- Dog focuses on sniffing the ground, licking their genitals, or turns away.  He may even roll on back kicking or pawing.

How Can I Assist My Stressed Dog?

    1. Remove dog from stressor- locate a quiet space for him to regroup
    2. Provide a quiet place (bed, crate, room) in home to retreat from stressors.
    3. Request dog to do a familiar activity such as a sit, down or heel. Have him earn the treats or pets by performing a command.  These will help soothe your dog.

If you’ve determined your dog is stressed and these strategies haven’t been successful, then it’s time to locate a professional trainer.  Read more at