Is your dog a power chewer?

Dogs chew on many things for lots of reasons. One reason is for cleaning their teeth.  Another main reason which can cause inappropriate unwanted chewing of household items is anxiety.  Dogs like to chew on things to relieve their stress; however, some dogs seem to chew through bones so quickly it becomes unaffordable to continue purchasing the items.  Hopefully this list of bones will work for you and your dog:  1

  1. Nylabone: Power Chew, comes in variety of flavors & sizes
  2. Nylabone: The Big Chew—Knuckle bone-chicken flavor
  3. BarkBone: Dinosaur  ( offers many “power chewer” items)

 Remember to get the size bone that’s in your dog’s weight range.  If you have smaller dogs that are around the larger dogs always purchase the bone that’s for the largest dog in your pack so the large dog doesn’t swallow a small bone.  These bones help release anxiety, boredom and keep your dogs teeth clean!  Happy chewing!