New Year - - New Photo!

What’s wrong with this picture? It could be So. Much. Better.

Tips for Creating A Perfect Pet Phone Photo

1.  Get Your Phone Ready

Use portrait mode.  This will allow your subject (pet) to have the most focus and blurs the background a bit.

2.  Choose the Best Lighting

Shoot at sunrise or 1 hour before sunset.  A sunny day with light cloud cover in the middle of the day causes a soft light which is easy to work with.

3.  Choose a Background 

There are a variety of options to choose from.  For example, use a pumpkin patch, or tree farm, etc.  

If you’d like to stay home, then go outside and use shrubbery or a garden.

4.  Lower Yourself to Your Pet’s Eye Level

Taking a few shots from above are nice; however, the best photos are made from being at your pet’s eye level.  Remember to sit or lay down to get to your pet’s eye level.

5.  Work with the Pet You Have

All pets are different.  Some are overactive while others are shy and  calm.  Don’t force your pet to pose.   

Be patient and use squeaky toys, treats, etc. to gain their attention.  

Cats like feathered toys.