Our Vision, Purpose and Values

Turning donations into better lives for homeless animals

What Drives Us!

Our Vision

Working with other animal welfare organizations, to make Bastrop County a community where:

    • The Bastrop County Animal Shelter is able to place all healthy and behaviorally-sound animals that are surrendered to them into good homes, or transfer them to other humane organizations;
    • The Bastrop County Animal Shelter always has room for the intake of animals needing assistance;
    • Animals within the Bastrop County Animal Shelter live with minimal stress during their stay;
    • Every dog and cat outside of the Bastrop County Animal Shelter is cared for responsibly.

Our Purpose

    • Funding what the Bastrop County Animal Shelter cannot for adoptable animals in their care, such as:
      • The cost of lifesaving medical diagnostics and veterinary care,
      • Medical and grooming equipment,
      • Transportation funds for shelter animals to go to partner rescue organizations,
      • Food and supplies for animals in foster care,
      • Upgrades to the living conditions for animals at the shelter, and
      • Emergency food and cat litter.
      • Recognizing exceptional volunteerism on behalf of homeless animals.
    • Reducing the number of unwanted animals in Bastrop County, and thus shelter intake through spay/neuter initiatives.
    • Promoting adoption of shelter animals.
    • Promoting responsible pet ownership in Bastrop County through education and training.

Our Values

    • Animals come first: our priority is animal welfare, and our actions and financial priorities will reflect that.
    • Partnership: we will partner with other animal welfare organizations to achieve our goals, and give credit where credit is due.
    • Transparency: we will answer any reasonable questions about our organization with honesty and clarity.
    • Integrity: we will fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities, adhere to our internal procedures, and work ethically with our partners, donors, and beneficiaries.
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