What is Bowser Beer?

It’s a 6 pack bonding beer for dogs intended to be enjoyed alongside their beer drinking buddies!  This beer is nutritiously made from all human grade ingredients including real meat flavors (beef, chicken or pork).  The beer contains NO alcohol, carbonation or hops which is toxic to dogs.  Glucosamine is added for joint health as well.  The Bowser Beer can be poured over kibble or into a bowl for a nice refreshing treat.  Dogs prefer it chilled, and it can be refrigerated up to one week after opening.  It has a stable shelf life until opened.

They also have custom labels which are  great for gifts and parties!  Pick up your favorite six pack, order your dog’s here and enjoy your bonding experience!

  • Drink responsibly
  • This beer is nontoxic for people, but intended for dogs, not human consumption