Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shelter Pet Safety Net the same charity as Bastrop County Animal Shelter Helpers?

Yes. We changed our name, but everything else is the same.

Who does Shelter Net Safety Net help?

SPSN exists to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Bastrop County, Texas.  We have programs to help animals who are admitted to the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, and we have programs to help keep animals from having to enter the shelter at all. We also help shelter animals relocate to other rescue organizations.  You can learn more at About Us

Does Shelter Pet Safety Net provide medical care for animals?

BCAS Helpers funds various types of medical care, which is provided through local veterinarians, veterinary specialty and emergency clinics, and low-cost spay/neuter and wellness clinics.  With the exception of spay/neuter surgeries, this funding is reserved for animals entering the Bastrop County Animal Shelter who need care above what the shelter is able to fund.  The animals we help are recommended by the staff of the Bastrop County Animal Shelter.

Please see the Spay/Neuter link for more information on the subsidized spay/neuter program for low-income Bastrop County residents.

Can Shelter Pet Safety Net get my dog or cat spayed or neutered?

We offer a certificate program that provides spay or neuter surgery for a small donation, in conjunction with our low-cost veterinary partners in Bastrop County.  This program is for low-income residents of Bastrop County.

How does Shelter Pet Safety Net assist with transporting homeless animals?

Since the human population of Bastrop County is small, the Bastrop County Animal Shelter looks for ways to place homeless animals with other rescues that have more capacity for adoptions.  Some of these rescues are in the northern US or other distant locations. SPSN assists by funding the transportation costs for some of these lucky animals.

What kind of volunteer skills and time do you need?

Please see the volunteer application where you will find a list of volunteer roles and potential time commitments.  There are many roles with flexible time commitments that can be done from home. 

Does Shelter Pet Safety Net support the “No-Kill” model?

“No-Kill” is a term that can cause controversy.  SPSN supports the goal of a “No Kill” community, and we do not denigrate animal welfare organizations that cannot yet achieve this target due to the animal overpopulation and resources in their community. Here is a good overview of what we believe “No-Kill” means, courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society

SPSN is committed to the combination of these effective strategies for achieving this goal:

  1. Collaborative partnerships and coalitions among animal shelters, animal rescue groups, and other community stakeholders working toward a collective goal. We partner with the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, other animal welfare groups, and low-cost spay/neuter and wellness services providers.
  2. Data-driven decision-making – we evaluate our programs and seek data from our partners to understand what is working and what needs more attention.
  3. Proven programs and best practices designed to save the most lives possible.  Among these, we support

    – Spay/neuter programs

    – Shelter animal medical assistance

    – Foster programs

    – Transport programs

Does Shelter Pet Safety Net have a shelter?

No, we help the county shelter that already exists, which is a more efficient use of resources. The shelter is run by Bastrop County Animal Services.  You can find directions to the shelter on the link above.  We expand their capacity to help animals, and we help keep animals from having to enter the shelter.

Can you tell me if an animal is available at the shelter?

We don’t have the latest information about any animal being advertised for adoption.  This information changes frequently. Please contact the Bastrop County Animal Shelter to ask questions about adoptable animals.

Does Shelter Pet Safety Net have a spay/neuter or wellness clinic?

No, we use our resources to partner with low-cost spay/neuter and wellness providers who serve Bastrop County, such as Save An Angel and Emancipet.  We help the community to afford the vital veterinary services they provide.  We also help spread the word about their services.

Does Shelter Pet Safety Net have a foster program?

SPSN supports the foster program run by the Bastrop County Animal Shelter.  Occasionally SPSN will support a SPSN volunteer foster home for an animal which cannot go through the shelter system

Can you take an animal I have found?

Please visit the Bastrop County Animal Shelter to surrender an animal.  SPSN works with the county shelter to help animals in their custody

May I volunteer to work with the shelter animals through Shelter Pet Safety Net?

SPSN volunteer roles don’t involve working directly with shelter animals. Many SPSN Helpers volunteers are also volunteers for shelter, and thus can work with the shelter animals in that capacity. 

To volunteer to directly work with the shelter animals, you will need to apply to be a volunteer for the shelter via Bastrop County Animal Services.  The volunteer applications, orientation, and volunteer management are different between SPSN and the Bastrop County shelter.  The insurance for the two organizations is also different, so if you want to volunteer for us, fill out our application; and if you want to volunteer at the shelter, fill out their application.

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